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Writer's Block

Ever since I finished my fic exchange story, I haven't written at all. Nothing... zilch. Ugh. I think it's because I was working under a deadline and so it became a bit of a duty toward the end. Now I feel as if I'm on 'leave' for a while... no ideas, motivation to work on existing stories in various stages of completion, no muse. I hate it when I'm not writing, it's *almost* as bad as not reading. Only I don't think I could live if I weren't reading, and clearly I can live without writing.

Phooey. I hope to get back to the written word soon (not perusing it but creating it). I feel a deep void when I'm not writing, even if I've no inclination.



David Bowie readies 1st album in 10 years

AP News | 01/07/13 11:23 pm

David Bowie is celebrating his birthday by releasing new music.

English singer announced Tuesday, his 66th birthday, that he has released his first song in 10 years titled "Where Are We Now?" A new album, "The Next Day," will be out in March.

The single was released on iTunes and in 119 countries. It was produced by longtime collaborator Tony Visconti.

Bowie's last album was 2003's "Reality." The singer debuted in the 1960s and is known for hit songs such as "Let's Dance," "China Girl," "Fame" and "Dancing In the Street."


Polishing, tweezing, buffing

So happy to report that my challenge fic is in the very final, final stages of editing... naturally, my beta and I are still looking for areas that need beefing up and fluffing up, but for all intents and purposes, it's done. I'll definitely be submitting it on time or sooner. I'm in the 'can't stop reading it and looking for errors, inconsistencies and the like' stage right now!

I hope everyone else is getting 'er done too. :)


Yeah. Done. Ready for beta and polishing stages. Such a relief!

I initially wanted to incorporate all the prompts provided by my recipient but in the end, I just couldn't do it. Hopefully the story will be enjoyed... it's always hard to imagine someone else's vision, which I think is part of what makes this challenge interesting. The more you think about a prompt, the more you see how things have to be in order for YOU to write it, while someone else could do something entirely different, as long as the prompt is general enough. At any rate, I'm feeling pretty darn happy right now.

And I'd like to send good writing vibes and happy thoughts to anyone else who is still struggling... I know how it is, trust me. It's nothing short of a miracle that I was able to finish my story this quickly. Some kind of anomaly, I'm certain.

Progress report...

I am almost done with my exchange fic. That is all.




So I just watched the video for Underground (again) and I started wondering if anyone ever wrote a story using that video's events as a background for how Jareth became the Goblin King. If anyone knows of a good one, please refer me! Or if you like the idea and want to tackle it, please do so! Just a thought...


In with the old, out with the new???

So I've been going through an old story or two to repost, and I have a few more. I'm more "into" doing that than working on my challenge fic (which hasn't changed a lick since I last referred to it here so gleefully) and I'd rather do a few more old ones -- polish them up and such -- than work on anything else. At the same time, my brain is working feverishly to find a new storyline. What's the MATTER with me? LOL


The weekend whizzed by... two long days of constant hard work and not a lick of writing. Highlights: spending a few minutes with good friends, a tasty shrimp & scallop alfredo dinner, a pleasant surprise in the mail from a friend, and a stellar episode of OUAT. Otherwise, bring on the next weekend, please (although it will be more of the same as to the hard work... we've been at it six weeks and have four to go). Ugh, I'll be glad to have my weekends back!

I'm writing, I'm writing!!!

I can't stop writing! I do NOT mean to brag, in case any of you are wondering (lol) but seriously, I've had a long, dry spell lately. And now I'm just as prolific as I was when I first started -- for the moment! I have about 4,000 words written and a comprehensive outline of where I'm going. And my characters are COOPERATING. Whoever sent me the muse, thanks!